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here's some stuff I did! spans like a year or so but mostly done in the last 2 weeks.

the numbered ones are part of a song a day series i've been trying.


released December 11, 2016

photo by Ben Fox
Additional Vocals by Cherrie Yu on #34 English Toffee Caramel
Synths & Beats by Stephen Roach on # 45 Colt
Door Beeps by Spencer Carl on #45 Colt

besides that all songs by me except Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay & Best Looking Boys by The Promise Ring




all rights reserved


sebastian Richmond, Virginia

a mask with a face & body attached to it

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Track Name: #34 english toffee caramel ft. Cherrie Yu
everybody has to lose sometimes
your heart is gonna shatter once or twice
and even though the pain will last a while
one day you'll wake up just alright

every day could easily go wrong
nothing could turn out the way you want
you lose yourself in retrospective thinking
just try your best till your bad luck is gone

other people's lives can seem so easy
their worst laid plans go off without a hitch
but trust me they still share in your desire
that life could be much better than it is
Track Name: #19 sailor mercury
mercury doesn't seem so far away
i could learn to communicate
"that's great!"
you'd say
any price is good enough to pay

if we ever do meet face to face
from people who will complicate
our fate
some day
any day is not a day too late

we could spend 100 years in space
our earthly lives and go
without a trace
they say
out here we don't carry any weight
Track Name: #45 colt ft. Stephen Roach & Spencer Carl
don't dream too fast
you might just crash
you never knew
that's no excuse

wake up nauseous
learn to be cautious
your head is melting
the beer's not helping

keep your distance
move to richmond
clear out your mind
for 8 hours time

don't be angry
she's just a yankee
write about her
till you feel better
Track Name: #73 is that your animal?
is that a mosquito
beneath your feet
do you think it's as simple
as not eating meat?

sparing the harmless
is easy enough
but enduring frustration
is where it gets tough

blood on your sneakers
it could be mine
it's only an insect
but anger's blind

a hole in your wall
that plaster can fix
the hole in your armor
is getting big

you can be gentle
& you can be kind
we can weather the storm
that's raging inside
Track Name: blue blanket
all your friends are flying high
you're left out & you don't know why
covered up to let them know
that you wanted to go home

everybody's asking how you are
what a time to be a star

there's a party somewhere
but you'd like to disappear
there's a party somewhere
why can't it be here?

when you finally looked around
only empty beer cans could be found
you're hearing every word they say
you might as well just run way

you want to drive out to the beach
your keys are right there out of reach